New York Magazine: “Art: Intricacy Unchained”

Jerry Saltz and reviewed by Miranda Siegel | New York Magazine | Apr 19, 2010 | Article Link | No Comments

“And One More Thing,” an excellent four-man show devoted to charting, diagramming, and obsessive mark-making features outstanding drawings by Andrew Castrucci and Walter Sisper as well as two of the greatest so-called outsider artists alive. David Hammons, known and revered, contributes a video work made up of fax machines that spill out drawings sent in by artists around the world. Melvin Way is a mystic visionary genious who makes knotted diagrams (like Resoluted Resolved, pictured) of numbers, letters, lines, and arrows that look like alchemical equations. These amazing things which may one day be loved the world over, conjure some of the mystical 666 names of God (at Bullet Space through May 2).