Bullet Space: Past & Present

Located at E. 3rd Street/Loisada, Bullet Space is an act of resistance. A community access center for images, words, and sounds of the inner city. The center was founded in the winter of 1985 and was part of the squatter movement and reconstructed with or without the formal sanction of the city, invisible officialdom. The ground floor of the building is open-like, a bulletin. “Bullet” first originated from the name brand of heroin sold on the block — known as bullet block, encompassing the accepted American ethic of violence; “Bullet Americana” — translating that into the art form as weaponry.

Event Gallery: Exhibitions Held at Bullet Space

Recent and Frequent Contributors

Walter Sisper
David Hammons
Andrew Castrucci
Noc 167
Leo Fitzpatrick

Scott Lawrence
Richard Kern
Gunars Prande
Martynka Wawrzyniak
Run 161
Tom McGlynn

Lizzi Bougatsos
Quimetta Perle
Will Boone
Matthew White
Suzanne Broughel