Bullet International: New York, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam

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See our artist books internationally public Libraries/Museums
“YHM” 1988-92″,
“T-1/T-2″ 2001-03,
“Fracktured Lives” 2010-20

Open to the public:
Library of Congress Rare Books, Fales Library, Yale, Fogg Mus. MIT, Princeton, Getty Center, Walker Art Center, Univ. New Mexico, Brooklyn Mus. NY Historical Society, Smithsonian Copper Hewitt NY/DC, NYPL Rare Books, Toledo Mus. Spencer Mus. Univ. Kansas, Bard College, Amherst College, Davis Museum Wesley College, Toledo Mus. Univ. Wisconsin, RISD, Columbia Univ. Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Penn St. Center for the Study Pol. Graphics CA, Pecci Ct. Prado, Biblioteca Comunale Milan, Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbuttal, Guttenberg Museum, Klingspor Museum Offenbach, State Museum of Berlin, Hamburg Museum of Graphic Arts, Pompidou, Stedelijk Museum, International Institute Social History NL, Victoria Albert Museum, MET, MOMA, Whitney, Howl, Girls Club NYC