Date: Nov 18th — Dec 21st, 2011
The exhibition “Mob” takes the collective subject as its object without offering a coinciding rationale. The curator, Alexandra Rojas, recognizes that the latent potential within the group of artists assembled trumps an empirical reason that might limit its possibilities. With artworks ranging from the profane to the esoteric, the punk conceptual to the everyday abstract, graphic images and process- based sculpture, the show is inclusive of a mood or direction that evokes the contingency of actual experience. It’s like entering a large party where you get to know everyone over the course of the event. All at once, by dint of your participation, you realize that you are part of something larger.
–Tom McGlynn

[quote style=”1″]”Exactly what does a mob rule? The power of group — think is not in its collective wisdom, but in its ability to maintain blind spots of intent. What ground can be claimed to be held by collective intent has to allow for internal contradictions to well up and coexist with any dominant direction which might coalesce in the collective process.”[/quote]

– Tom McGlynn

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Contributors: Noc 167, Leo Fitzpatrick, Scott Lawrence, Richard Kern, Alexandra Rojas, Gunars Prande, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Run 161, Walter Sipser, Tom McGlynn, Lizzi Bougatsos, Quimetta Perle, Will Boone, Matthew White, Suzanne Broughel