Bullet Space New York

292 E 3rd Street
New York, New York 10009

Gallery Hours

Friday – Sunday 3 PM – 7PM
or by appointment or chance

Fracktured Lives

book, posters, and billboards, 55 silkscreen posters, offset text, bound sheetmetal, wood, bolts, ed. 20 +3 APs
protest hydro-fracking gas drilling New York State

Inside Out

self taught, outsider art, art brut, folk, graf
25 artists

Let’s Dig a Hole Together

archaeological excavation bullet space

Art Gangs

1960-1999, alternative art spaces New York City

Occupy Bullet Space

artist union: an urban artist collab. conferance; artists rights,contracts, resale, sale percentages modified, economical restructuring…

In Praise of Paint

Dolores Negrini